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Jasper Martial Arts team competes in Gatlinburg

Jasper Martial Arts recently participated in a national tournament in Gatlinburg, TN.  The 18 competitors brought home a total of 39 medals.

Gold Medal Winners

Walker Dodd Board Breaking, Sparring, Forms

Scott Moore Board Breaking

Anabelle Moore Board Breaking

Franklin Reeves Board Breaking

Anthony Phillips Board Breaking

Dustin Kirkland Weapons, Sparring, Board Breaking

Gloria Donaghy Sparring, Board Breaking

Silver Medal Winners

Aiden Reifsnyder  Forms

DJ Kirkland Sparring, Board Breaking

Brodie Legg Board Breaking, Padded Stick

Franklin Reeves Weapon

Anderson Stockman Board Breaking,

Gage Bradshaw Board Breaking

Emily Miller Sparring

Dustin Kirkland Forms, Flag Sparring

Bronze Medal Winners

Amelia Williams Forms, Board Breaking

Anderson Stockman Sparring

Gage Bradshaw Flag Sparring

Ginger Reeves Board Breaking, Padded Sticks, Weapon

Scott Moore Forms, Flag Sparring

JT Gardner Board Breaking

Jessica Williams Board Breaking

Zoey Williams Board Breaking

Gloria Donaghy Weapons, Forms

Dustin Kirkland Padded Stick

DJ Kirkland Tag Team Sparring

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