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Dora groups band together to save dog in danger

DORA — City of Dora employees, firefighters, police officers, volunteers and local business owners worked together Thursday night to save the life of a stray dog found in a very dangerous situation. 

Jennifer Hardy, whose family owns J&J Vending, as well as two other businesses in the Dora Shopping Center, said she heard a noise last Friday that she thought was coyotes in the woods behind the shopping center. Others who work in the shopping center heard the noises but also thought it was coyotes who prey on the stray cats in the area. 

On Thursday, Jennifer’s husband, Jerry, and employees discovered that the noise was actually coming from a well-like structure in the woods behind the businesses and found that a dog had fallen into the hole. 

Dora Fire Department employees and volunteers responded first, devising a plant to lower one of them into the hole and lift the dog out. Dora Police Sgt. Ronnie Phillips also responded to the scene, as well as Susie Vann with the Walker County Humane Society. 

The hole, described as a 20-24 foot drop, was brick-lined and still had the remains of a ladder down into the abyss. A firefighter was able to climb down into the hole, secure the dog into a sling and the others lifted it out of the hole. 

Vann and Phillips were preparing to get the dog to safety, but it bolted from the rescuers as soon as it was above ground. The dog has been seen since then and Phillips and Jennifer said the dog is one of the “Jack’s dogs” that are often seen near the fast food restaurant, begging for food. The dog appears to be unharmed, despite spending almost a week trapped and has been seen several times in the parking lot. 

Councilmember and firefighter Chris Edwards said the hole had been temporarily covered to prevent any more animals or people from becoming trapped or injured. A permanent solution will be looked at as the city moves forward, Edwards said. 

Vann praised the city employees and residents for their response and working together to save the dog’s life. 

Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis
An East Walker native, Rachel Davis is also a veteran reporter who jumped at the chance to cover her hometowns of Dora and Sumiton for The Community Journal. She is a true crime junkie and an animal lover so, when she isn't working, she's usually binging the latest podcast or chasing a stray dog.

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